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Number one holdings company, maximizing shareholders’ value and enabling economic development globally with a specific focus on emerging markets all around the world.
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Gtext Academy

"GText Academy is a dedicated platform aimed at providing high-quality educational resources and courses in various fields. Our mission is to empower learners of all backgrounds with valuable knowledge and skills that can enhance their personal and professional growth. With a team of experienced educators and professionals, we strive to offer engaging and comprehensive courses that cater to different learning styles ..."

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Gtext & Associates

Join our team of wealth advisors who create wealth daily by utilising the full potential of the real estate industry. Our team of Real Estate Agents are trained to perfection and continuously grow without leaving the comforts of their home and offices.

We are one of the subsidiaries of GText Holdings, with the passion and pursuit of raising over 100,000's billionaires yearly by creating an avenue for a better source of income for the employed and unemployed through Real Estate...

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Real Estate

Gtext Homes

Gtext Homes is the home of luxurious and quality properties. We are a subsidiary of Gtext Holdings and are the pioneer of the first Green and Smart way of property development in Africa. With the use of cutting-edge technology, we have brought smiles to the faces of many in the real estate sector.

We are Africa’s first green and smart real estate development company

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Gvest is one of the many wealth-building subsidiaries under Gtext Holdings. We help millions of investors build transgenerational wealth through our flexible Fractional Real Estate Platform.

The first digital cooperative in Africa with a simplified and seamless investment platform with guaranteed ROI and minimal risk on each investment.

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SAC Consulting is led by the Infamous and number one real estate coach and mogul Dr. Stephen Akintayo. With thousands of courses prepared by successful mentors and billionaires made available on the Stephen Akintayo University. SAC also provide an atmosphere of a mentor-mentee relationship which helps different individuals grow in their various sectors.

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Gtext Hub

This subsidiary provides digital workspaces all around the world providing advanced technology that aid creativity.

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Gtext Suites is a real estate brokerage, leasing, rentals, short lets and facility management subsidiary. We provide brokerage services through our different branches in operations located in four continents of the world.

We have a team of customer-oriented wealth advisors / real estate agents who match your needs to the right property just for you.

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Land Banking

Gtext Land

Land banking is the practice of acquiring and holding land for future development or profit, based on the expectation that its value will increase over time. This involves securing land in strategic locations to benefit from urban growth and rising demand.

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